Mary & Ainsley

Ainsley...I think her name means pure sweetness.

Sack o' potatoes!

Just chillin under a tree

Squealing with delight!

At first she wasn't thrilled by the leaves...then she decided not to eat them...and then it was fun! stuff!

Mama and daughter. They have such an amazing connection.

Snuggles and smiles.

Jennifer, Colin, Ireland, & Hunter

We spent a lovely afternoon at Bear Creek Park taking photos with the beautiful backdrop of the park, the falling leaves and misty fog. What a fun shoot!


Hunter was celebrating his first birthday this week. Jenn and Colin brought a cake for him and we had a really fun cake smash party! We actually had people walking by and watching this part of the session. He seemed to love having full access to this yummy treat! The results were messy for sure!

Sister, Ireland having a serious chat with her little brother. They were so sweet!

One of my favourite "poses".

Hello Squires family!

There seemed to be some good light hearted joy shared between these two...xoxo

Ireland was always thinking of the next pose. So cute. She didnt know I was taking this photo or she would have turned her head and 'smized' !

Some father/son snuggles.

Jennifer, Les, Colton, JJ, Baby Mason....& Jackson

One of the serene moments of the day.

Go Hawks! Just like Dad!

Bubble gum toes. This is Jennifer's bracelet with the letters of each of her boys names on it.

One of the few posed photos...These boys are so full of energy, it was tricky getting them to sit for this....but I believe lollipops were in order after the day was done.

"Hi Mom!!!"

The Family


Teeter totter fun.

Sweet Jackson