Smith Family Photoshoot

Kai was anything but bored at our shoot today. He filled the day with personality and sheer fun...ahh to be 9 again.


This is Caleb. He has just turned 4 and is one of the most interesting 4 year old boy I know. He is so full of energy, has so many interests and is just a joy to be around. Lake and Adrian are such fantastic parents and I am glad to call them friends.
Lake, Caleb, and I had stopped at a garage sale on our way to Granville Island a couple weeks ago. I bought this cool hat for him. He found so many things to do with well as wear it. It was a hat throwing kinda day!

Here is a photo of him before we started our day . He had just woken from a nap in the car. I like how pensive he looks. Handsome young boy.

D'Mello Darlings

Here they are. The D'Mello Sisters.

"Act natural", I said....haahahahaa

This was such a perfect perching place.

Peas in a pod. These ladies are so photogenic, it was such a breeze taking their picture.

Strike a pose!

Sitting pretty

Trish & Nigel's Wedding Day

Trish and Nigel got married July 17th and I was honoured to be chosen to be their photographer for this beautiful event. Brook Thompson was my trusty assistant and was such a great support throughout the day.

A close up of the group shot! There were 60+ guests. It was the a perfect outdoor garden wedding.

 Lisa and Tracy were Trish's bridesmaids and lovely Charlotte was her flower girl.
 The happy couple strolling in the garden.
The ladies

More summer beauties

Shot from below.

Smiley smooches.

Gardiners For Fun (Three years later)

Dante, Jake, Luca doing the risky boy poses. They are so fun. Love these boys!

Dad and Jake having some fun

This shot was pretty fun!

Hahaa. It was about at this point that Lisa figured that we were not going to get duplicate shots from 3 years ago. Turned out we got some great different shots.

Aw, buttercup

Was time to sit on a log!

I get the impression these boys will be carrying their mom for a long time

Yup. Beautiful family.

Introducing Olivia Kelly! Nate's L'il Sister....

Just a sneak peek...

Nate calming his little sister with a kiss.

Nate, hamming it up with Dad's forge hat.

A peaceful moment with Jen and Olivia.

Sweet little Olivia.

The Gardiners & Extended Family - Dante's Confirmation


Dante all decked out for his confirmation. Great gran at his side, gran on the far left, aunt and uncle behind, dad, mom, big brother, and little brother all supporting him on his important day.

 Jake here was full of energy and a real ham for the photos. We did manage to get in a bunch of nice shots without a ninja pose, eyes open, tongues not sticking out. He is the sweetest young guy and I am so pleased to be friends with the family. Jake even asked if I was going to sleep over! Sadly, I had to decline. ha!! We settled for hot dogs and beer. Strangely enough, this is my favourite shot of him in action.

He took this photo of me. He is very keen behind the camera.
Todd, Dante, Lisa

The Brothers Three


Great Grandma
Lisa and her brother, Mike

There were so many other great shots from this day. I will be sharing more after part two in June.